PT.Bukit Asam Tarahan Port Wins Gold Proper

PT Bukit Asam Tbk Tarahan Port made a brilliant achievement by winning the Gol category in the Environmental Award for Company Performance Rating Program i Environmental Management (PROPER) 2021.

The award was handed over directly by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ma’ruf Amin, accompanied by the Minister of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, Siti Nurbaya, to the President Director of Bukit Asam, Arsal Ismail at Istana Wakil Presiden, Centra Jakarta, Tuesday (28/12/2021).

PROPER Gold is the highest award given to companies that are proven to implement an excellent environmental management system, including the application of energy efficiency, emission reduction, water efficiency and reduction of water pollution burden, reduction and utilization of B3 waste, reduction and utilization of non-B3 waste, and protection of biodiversity.

Not only environmental management aspects, but PROPER also highlights the efforts of community empowerment, disaster response, and social innovations that the company has implemented.

Bukit Asam President Director Arsal Ismail emphasized that the Gold PROPER achieved is proof of performance of all individuals at Bukit Asam who were committed to contributing and working optimally in environmental management and community empowerment.

In the 2021 PROPER event entitled “PROPER: Social Innovation for Advanced indonesia”,Bukit Asam won the Gold category for Tarahan Port. The innovations carried out by Bukit Asam Tarahan Port include:

  1. Energy efficiency through re-engineering the angle of the belt plough chute with a reduction in energy consumption of 1,225,869 kWh or equivalent to 4,416 GJoule.
  2. Water efficiency by reducing operational water by modifying the water spray into water mist. Decrease in the use of clean water by 338 m3.
  3. Implementation of the stop and go method in coal demolition operations with emission reductions equivalent to 68 tonsCO2e
  4. Reduction of used oil waste by 2.88 tons and utilization of inorganic non-B3 waste by 2.75 tons
  5. Breeding of endangered Bali starlings with a contribution of 4% of endangered species
  6. Bamboo for Life” program includes bamboo skewers and planting programs, bamboo vinegar derivative products, utilization of CSV-based rubber bender waste, to the central market “Pasar Kampung SI OKE.”
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In addition, Bukit Asam also won the Green category PROPER award for the Tanjung Enim Mining Unit through some efficiency measures such as the electrification program, reducing used oil waste, and reusing water from the mine for cleaning the coal handling facility (CHF).

Moreover, Kertapati Port also contributed the Green category PROPER award for some efficiency programs, including repairing capacitor banks, extending oil transformers, and repairing water pipe installations.

With the various programs carried out and appreciation from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to Bukit Asam through the Gold PROPER, this further motivates Bukit Asam to continue giving the best contribution to Indonesia.

Bukit Asam is committed to growing and developing with the surrounding community,building harmonious relationships in a sustainable environment, and providing the broadest possible benefits to stakeholders.(ril)

Editor : Banu Danoen


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